Trees4trees (T4T) and Pijar

Pijar is really proud to work in association with the non-profit fundation Trees4Trees in order to replant more trees than we used to make furniture.


T4T is a great way to ensure that your purchases are environmentally friendly while offering an excellent marketing tool to promote your products to your customers. 


We have planted more than 27.490 Trees with some of our customers during the last 12 months !


T4T system is very simple, for each container we ship, we contribute to plant between 200 until 300 trees in order to replace the trees we used and even more. (quantities depends of the kind of item we produce)


Each item in the container has a T4T handtag with a WIN number (World Identification Number)








Handtag Trees4trees

Final customer get the handtag when he buys the piece of furniture in a retailer shop and he can check on internet the position of the trees he contributed to plant


The website page is on the Trees4trees website here.


Customer enters the WIN number and few information on the following as shown below :


Then, a report with very clear explanations appears.

It indicates the kind of wood which have been planted, the number of trees, the name of the land owner, the village name and other informations.


After a click on Geo position coordinates, you get the following screen

After zooming you get more details